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Here are ways I can help your business thrive.
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In addition to standard optimization practices, I dig deep to focus on advanced metrics that really pack a punch. This makes users happy, Google happy, and you happy. A win-win-win.


I use standard best practices to write robust code and ensure a secure hosting environment. I can also help with issues such as securing websites that have already been infected or compromised.


Design should be simple, aesthetically pleasing, and intuitive. I thoroughly test functionality from a user-flow perspective, and seek feedback to help polish my work and ensure clean user experiences.

Responsive Design

Mobile-friendly design is a must these days. The majority of traffic on the web comes from mobile browsers- a number most of us contribute to. I can help with a mobile-friendly makeover.


Running an online store can be complicated with its many moving parts. Whether it’s the hosting environment, setting up SSL/TLS, adding functionality, or anything else on the technical front, I can help.


I love looking through data and finding ways to optimize monetization. I can provide valuable insights about how users are using your website or app, to help you make revenue-increasing decisions.

Technical Skills

Backend: PHP (5.x, 7.x), Laravel, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, HTTP, Bash, Linux, Memcached, Redis, JavaScript, Node.js, WordPress, Magento 1.x

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, LESS, SASS, JavaScript, React, Vue.js, jQuery, Ajax, UX

Tools/Platforms: Git (and GitHub), AWS EC2, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, Docker, Vagrant, VirtualBox, Xdebug, webpack, Grunt, Webpack, Adobe Photoshop, Trello


Recent Projects


Portfolio image

On this project, among my tasks I...

  • rebuilt the platform using Laravel.
  • optimized various performance aspects for UX and SEO.
  • implemented meta details for sharing across the web.
  • deployed using AWS services, including S3, RDS, Lambda, and EC2.

This project lives at https://discord.me/


Portfolio image

This project is a work in progress. I've...

  • volunteered for this open source project (Github).
  • began building from ground up this using Vue.js.
  • conceptualized card design for responsiveness/mobile usability.

This project will live at https://openubiproject.org/

About Me

I’m a full stack developer with a passion for entrepreneurial pursuits. I live in Utah Valley and enjoy hiking, camping, and traveling. I especially enjoy problem solving.

At 13, I started exploring web development by building a website using a graphical editor. Unhappy with the results, I took it upon myself to learn to code with HTML and CSS. I knew people were making money on the internet, and this was the skill set to pursue it myself.

By the time I was 15, I met a mentor who helped me learn PHP, then by 17, I gained my first contracting experience as a developer. Since 2011, I've collaborated on a variety of projects and several entrepreneurial pursuits.

In 2015, while doing tech support for a webhost (where I picked up experience with Linux environments), I re-centered my focus on programming and becoming a modern developer.

From 2016 to 2018, I worked on various contracts doing freelance web development and software engineering projects, with my highest profile contracts being for Horizon Realty Advisors and Apsure.

In 2018, I co-founded BeGeeked Labs to support a variety of web projects, including Discord Me and Affiliatron, where I actively worked as a developer until 2020.

I enjoy developing on Laravel (an elegant MVC framework), and love learning new technologies.

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